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  By : Michael Kasdaglis, Dcsw

Call for Papers


If you are a student, intern, professional, or even a layperson, and have a paper, an essay, a thesis, or a case you think is worth publishing, please send it to us.

The American Board of Diagnostics (Abmhd), and more specifically needs your help in expanding its reach and content. As long as your material is original (not plagiarized), and has relevance to Mental Health, you will be serving those around you.

Permission to use, publish, disseminate, or even sell all, or any part, of material submitted is implied each time anyone submits a product to Abmhd.

Casual Pieces

If you read an interesting story, an editorial, or a tidbit in the news, or you are a student and have a paper please do not hesitate to forward it to us.

College Papers, Essays, Research Projects, Literature Reviews.

Undergrad and graduate students who may be interested in contributing to the field of Mental Health are welcome to forward their old, or current work.

The only requirement is that the name of your College, or University is included with your submission.

Scholarly Articles

There are some requirements and a few simple steps for authors to submit blogs, manuscripts, articles, continuing education courses, and/or present at our seminars

Authors of manuscripts, articles, and presentations

  1. All Authors are required to possess at least a master’s degree from an accredited Institution.
  2. All Submissions must have a brief Abstract, and be no more than 5,000 words, excluding cover page, footnotes, and bibliography.
  3. All Submissions must be the original work of its authors, proofread, in APA style, and in Word format.
  4. All Submissions must have a minimum of 15 current (less than 15-yo) footnote references.
  5. All Submissions must have relevance to Mental Health. E.g., DSM, Psychiatry, Psychology, Education, Social Work, Family, Counseling, Medications, etc.
  6. Abmhd is authorized by the author(s) to use their submissions in its Journal, and its websites, and to be freely cited without any further explicit permissions.
  7. If the submission is for a continuing education course, the author(s) must be fully licensed by their respective States' Mental Health Boards.
  8. Abmhd is authorized by the author(s) to post and sell their continuing Education Courses at a pre-agreed commission without any further explicit permissions.


Please click here to email us and attach your submission.

Please allow for a maximum of 45 days to be notified of Abmhd's decision to approve or request an edit.

Once your product has been approved it will immediately be included within the various websites operated by Abmhd, and you will promptly be notified.

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