By : Michael Kasdaglis, Dcsw

About Abmhd


Our parent ABMHD [ The American Board of Mental Health Diagnostics ] was founded in 1997 by Michael Kasdaglis, Dcsw, who felt rather strongly about the need for a diagnostics’ specialty within the fields of Psychiatry and Mental Health.

All too often people receiving mental health services spend years seeing professionals without ever receiving a "diagnosis" other than 'depression', 'ADD', ' anxiety disorder' or 'ptsd'.

Hardly ever, are they given a written assessment, or diagnostic report, other than if they had paid thousands of dollars in batteries of tests that invariably conclude with one or more of the above referenced gold.

More over, there is a failure to appreciate that any treatment will be as effective as the accuracy of the diagnosis rendered by the professional.

What makes matters worse, is that, based on erroneous diagnostics, there is an insistence on using treatment modalities that rely on CBT (Cognitive Behavioral) theory, or 'mindfulness', or .. other run-of-the-mill approaches.

Background and History of the Board of Mental Health Diagnostics

This website emerged out of a need for an online mental health services delivery system.

Its emphasis is, first and foremost, to gather sufficient information through an online intake, collect necessary medical data, and provide its clients with a "written assessment and a preliminarty assessment report" that will assist in narrowin down the array of conceivable diagnoses.

Also, to provide the client with a "written treatment planning report" where-in, concrete suggestions about a variety of treatment modalities most appropriate for their particular case, may be offered.

Our Mission and Objectives

  1. Return mental health services to a state of excellence and integrity.
  2. Provide competent Assessment, Diagnostics, and Psychotherapeutic Services beyond CBT, Solution-Focused, and other Du Jour modalities designed more for insurance compliance and reimbursements, rather for treatment efficacy.
  3. Move towards establishing a specialty in Diagnostics.
  4. Inform and enlighten professionals and the public on issues relevant to mental health, addictions, and treatment modalities.

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